RainAware Weather Timer - Control Your Weather! App revisa

Great App

Latest upgrade was great


Clear sky and shows rain...very common anomaly that discredits reliability. Dark Sky app gives more accurate predictions.

Best In Accuracy

We need to be prepared for significant rain events where I live. Of the more than a dozen apps (some with very popular names) Rain Aware outperforms them all. I think the reports and indicators are as close to perfect real-time as you can get. The three hour clock has been most valuable.

Save Your Money - Skip This App

I purchased this app because of a glowing online review I had read (‘The Four Best Weather Apps’ posted at OutsideOnline.com, written when the app was available for free). In my 2-months’ experience, this app works when a large system is moving into the area, but is very poor at predicting the arrival of small to medium-sized cells (~100 square miles or less). I have used the app in all sorts of terrain from Indiana to Montana, and the results are consistent (not good unless a large system is sliding across the region). Examples: During a heavy rain storm with a 10-mile by 10-mile cell moving across Kansas City, the app told me it was dry and would stay that way for the next 3 hours. This morning. radar from a free app showed a large band of rain was approaching my location in Indiana and it looked like it would arrive in about 2 hours. RainAware did not indicate any rain for 3 hours - but about 15 minutes after the rain arrived, it suddenly updated to show it would continue raining for another half hour. For the record, I have adjusted the app settings to notify me of even the slightest rain (and it cautions not to do that unless the app is regularly missing storms because false alarms will be more likely). I wish this app worked as advertised, but it just can’t predict rain unless it is a large storm - but for those, one can simply look at the radar to judge the arrival of those rain events. Again, I’d suggest you save your ~$5. Instead, I recommend the free Weather Underground app or Accuweather website; their hour-by-hour forecasts seem to be reasonably accurate, and their radar maps give good insights on what to expect.

Excellent detector of rain

This is a very accurate rain detector. Well done!

Falls short

Rainaware needs an update; hasn’t been updated for a year now; may not be compatible with iOS 11; I could be wrong but I believe it used to have notifications; none now; plus no background refresh; I’ve checked all the settings in iPhone system settings & only find location setting which is “only while using”; far from sufficient; checked setting in the app & there nothing about notifications


Average accuracy. Radar pretty decent though. Seems hit or miss.

Site won’t let me repost a problem- Recaptcha isn’t working

So far it has rained 3 times this week and my handy dandy new app has said its dry at my address every time.


This app doesn’t function properly. Rain times are off and doesn’t have the features that Dark Sky has. Delete!

No good...do not waste time.

This app was good, once upon a time. Tonight, projected no rain. Twenty minutes later, huge thunder storm and hail. Checked middle of storm, projected rain for 3-hours. What’s the point.

Terrible App

As I sit in my sun room watching the rain pellets bounce off the lake behind my house I opened the app and it said rain starting in 1 hour 40 minutes. This is routine and I only look at the app to see how wrong it is. The sad part is you have to pay for the app, what a rip off.

Most useful short term forecast

Excellent,works very well for you and radar is easy to use as it shows the storm direction very fast.


This app is accurate and gives me the heads up before I go out of the house. The only thing is that it has a hard time predicting the rain/snow too far ahead because the weather can change so quickly but not much you can do about that.

You have better accuracy just guessing

Used the app in an downpour and it reported dry for next 3 hours.

Accurate when it actually works.

But lately it rarely gives any data at all. Fails to connect or just spins forever. Badly needs an update.


One of the best weather apps out there. The 3hr rain forecast is super accurate...bordering on magical. Highly recommended.

Waste of Time

It worked at first, but very inaccurate now

Highly inaccurate for my area

Here on the Oregon coast, where it’s often rainy, this app almost always says the conditions are “dry.” Very poor performance and unreliable.

Dead app, no longer supported

This app hasn’t been updated in over a year and developers never respond so no chance of bugs being fixed. A waste of $4.99, buyer beware!

Rarely accurate

This app is not worth the money. My free weather apps are more accurate. Many times it will show dry conditions but say light rain. Get the weather channel app, it’s free and much more accurate.

Stopped working

This app has not been updated in a year and no longer works for me.

Rainaware keeps me aware of rain

I downloaded this one night camping as a storm had rolled in. It was a lifesaver then✌️and I use it all the time now.


Great app. I use it all the time.

Good, but not great.

Rain Aware is pretty good about rain times, but still is off a bit. Dark Sky is a bit better. Fix the forecast timing and it's 5 stars.

50% Maybe

Reno where is about 50% accurate. MAYBE!!!! At one minute it says it's going to quit raining in one hour and then the next 15 minutes it says it's gonna quit raining in hour and a half, then two hours, etc. etc.it's not a very accurate app. I'm looking for another one.

Great App

Great App, have given me very accurate forecasting. I check it before and during my rides.

Really Good!

One of the best yet.

J Mays

A wonderful App, accurate

Works fine

I like the interface better then Dark Sky, however for $5 I would expect notifications and widgets to be programmed in. Notifications are a basic function that baffles me why it's not there. Get me those and I'll up the stars. Hopefully that's on the agenda.

Best Rain app there is

I have never paid more than $1.99 for an app before this one. This is definitely worth $4.99. It was recommended by Susan Waldman, a NY Yankees radio broadcaster. We were in the car on the way to a game and it was pouring. She announced it was going to stop in 36 minutes, and lo and behold, it stopped when she said it would. I have used it several times since then, and it never let me down. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Doesn't Work in Florida

I guess our weather is just too unpredictable. I can hear thunder, look outside and see it raining. Unfortunately, the app doesn't know that. And vice versa. It will tell me that it's going to rain in 5 minutes and nothing. For hours. And then it won't know that it's going to rain again when it finally does rain.

Best Weather App Ever

Love this App easy to us and very accurate


Excellent app, up to the point , I recommend It is up to you to get wet.

Great App!

Great App, use this all the time and it is very accurate.

Lost accuracy suddenly

I've had this app for months and think it is great. Have even convinced others to buy it. But - over the last week or 2 it has suddenly become terribly inaccurate. It now shows that's it's raining even in dry heat with no clouds around, or it fails to predict any rain even as it starts. Crazy. Rain Aware needs to check their server and forecasting

Rain Aware

Great app; accurate.

Very accurate

Not only is the rain forecast accurate, the graphics also are an added enhancement. A great app to let you know what is going on.


My new go-to app for weather. It's specificity is unbeatable.

Hasn't been correct since downloaded

Example: checked RainAware on 1st tee, because clouds appeared in distance, showed no probability of rain (Dry). By 5th hole (hour later) pouring rain, lightning in distance, horn was sounded. Really, checked RainAware - Dry. Really? Coordinates shown in app are correct. What gives? RainAware has been this inaccurate since downloading. It can even warn of rain when it's actually raining. All positive reviews must be that it very accurate regarding the fact that is dry, when it actually is dry. As far as rain predicting - a joke. At least sits a humorous conversation piece while getting soaked (or maybe it was imagination that I was getting rained on) Would give zero stars if possible

Great app

Really accurate. I work outside and I can use the app to predict within a couple of hours as to when it's going to rain. Also I can plan when to hold and fish.

Fun and (mostly) Accurate

I use this for estimating time available to mow the lawn/cookout before rain arrives. Has worked relatively well. Nice design.

Great app

Works great. Even while traveling in the car.

So far, Rain Aware not aware at all.

The only time the app has been accurate in a week of rain is when it's actually raining. The 3 hour prediction has been useless. Would like a refund. I live in New Orleans, I need accurate information.

I have it a shot but not accurate

Like any other weather app

Not As Great As I Hoped

When it's raining on me is says it's raining on me. Sweet. Seriously when it predicts start and stop times of rain it's seldom close. Not worth $5.

Quick and Accurate

This app is easy to use and very helpful. I have recommended it to several friends.


When this app tells you it is going to rain in five minutes you better have an umbrella. One of my favorite weather apps...

Great app

I'm amazed at its accuracy. It's become indispensable very quickly.

Needs Alerts

Great app, just wish you could get an audio alert when rain got close or a certain distance away. Aside from that it's pretty reliable.

Very inaccurate and confusing

I have found this app to be inaccurate. I wish I would have found this out before I paid $5 for it. One star because I couldn't give it zero stars.

The best rain app I have ever seen

I have tried many weather apps throughout the years which did work but this year has been a nightmare. Every app I downloaded was incorrect with the rain and I mean way off the mark. I bragged about RainAware to my husband who has to have accurate weather forecast for his line of work and he was even amazed. I now have my friends downloading this app. As you can see I love it.

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