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RainAware Weather Timer - Control Your Weather! app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 2288 ratings )
Weather Utilities
Developer: RainAware LLC
4.99 USD
Current version: 1.9.8, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 29 Feb 2012
App size: 51.28 Mb

Stop wondering and start KNOWING. Time rain and storms to your exact location with RainAware. RainAware updates quickly to stay ahead of changing weather. We create a customized forecast just for you. Skies look dark? Doesnt always mean rain. Dont be surprised again, know for sure!

►Why settle for this: "There is a 50% chance of rain today"
►When you can have this: "Its going to rain in 1 hour 30 minutes"

Stay dry when running errands, at the golf course, at the lake, or working outdoors. The uses are endless.

--- FEATURES ---

► Rain Clock counts down the minutes until precipitation arrives at your location. Rotates counterclockwise. When colors hit the top, its raining! Estimates up to three hours out.

► Updates every minute to stay ahead of even the most changeable, crazy weather.

► See precipitation chances and intensity up to 12 hours away based on RainAware model simulation.

► View radar imagery with your location highlighted. Play animation to verify its coming.

► See clouds forming or dissipating with high-res visible satellite imagery. Works at night too!

► Background weather images change depending on the threat. Lightning, rain, snow, ice.

► Live rain times keep you ahead of Airport delays and ballgame cancellations.

► Easily share your rain time on social media and warn friends and family of impending storms.

► Answers the question: When is it going to rain?

► Customize your precipitation experience with advanced settings.

► 5-Star Support: Let us help you get the most out of your app by providing feedback via the settings menu.

When it comes to weather forecasting, you cant be perfect. But you CAN be the best. While RainAware does an excellent job most of the time, unpredictable situations do occur. Think of RainAware as a tool. With time, you will gain proficiency. Make sure to use the advanced settings, they are there to maximize performance in your area.

View the RainAware service coverage map before purchasing:

--- NOTES ---
RainAware is ONLY for use in the continental United States. RainAware relies on National Weather Service radars and may not work properly if a radar is down or if the beam is blocked by mountains. In rare instances, ground clutter may result in a false positive for rain at your location. Extremely light sprinkles or drizzle may not always be detected. Precipitation times will change as RainAware adjusts to rapidly changing weather conditions. Precipitation can form suddenly or dissipate at any time. Works best when precipitation is moving. Times are estimates and have inherent error. Advanced settings are there to mitigate these issues.

Pros and cons of RainAware Weather Timer - Control Your Weather! app for iPhone and iPad

RainAware Weather Timer - Control Your Weather! app good for

Heard about this app on a Giants broadcast during a rain delay. They said it was great. We checked it out and totally agree. Cant say enough about how accurate and good this is.
This app is fascinatingly accurate. I live in an area where the weather is very temperamental, and can drastically change from one extreme to another in no time. And the timeframe has always been unpredictable. But no longer is unpredictability entirely true with this app
Pretty accurate most of the time, may be off a little at times but thats because it doesnt take in the wind conditions I think, but I always check out the imagery and go by it, and see how the wind is blowing, but its still a great app.
Fine app with great potential. GUI could use some improvement -- font needlessly tiny on forecast screen. Also, notifications (i.e., Dark Sky) could turn Rain Aware into a "must have" app.
No app is perfect. But this one is a lot of fun to use. I havent been using it long, but got it just before the rain showed up at my house and got the bird seed wet. Besides, it has to be a good app if the New York Yankees radio broadcasters use it to warn them of wet weather!
My boss who is from Florida recommended me to pick this up. Ive had a wonderful experience with it this far. My real question is, being from Minnesota, will it continue to be useful in the months ahead. After all... Winter is coming!

Some bad moments

Very hit or miss. Says it is raining outside. No clouds in sight. Not reliable at all. 1 star
It has limited overall information and keeps predicting imminent snow at 44 degrees. Waste of $5.
Seems to be hit and miss with This app. Its raining right now and it says no rain in sight. I have the settings at the lowest settings for detection. AccuWeather is a lot more accurate and its free. Save your money...
Main screen commonly contradicts what the forecast section says, rendering app rather useless.
This to me was the biggest waste of money I very much regret purchasing. Many times it was pouring rain out and the app would say no rain in site for the next 3 hours. I can understand this happening MAYBE occasionally but it was more the rule than the exception. Sorry to say stay away save your money.
Just a nasty APP and a practice. A nice app and a good developer need no review! Get rid of the pop up review!

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